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Bob's Miracle House
by Janine

I believe in miracles -
     they happen every day,
My home is full of magic
     despite the disarray -
Or maybe that's the reason
     for magical excess,
The miracles occur because
     I live in such a mess.

A pile of dirty clothing
     upon the bedroom floor -
I leave it long enough,
     and those grubby things I wore
Just head out to the laundry,
     wash themselves and then
Hang out on the clothesline
     'til they fold themselves again.

My bed has such a complex,
     insists on being neat,
And can't abide a crooked quilt
     or wrinkled bottom sheet,
So if I leave it long enough
     my bed will make itself,
Another piece of magic from
     the little Household Elf.



No matter where I leave it,
     my towel will find its way
Back into the bathroom -
     it happens every day!
So many little miracles
    happen in my home,
Is it fairies? Is it angels?
     Or perhaps a garden gnome?

And it really is amazing....
     how I can take a drink
Down into the lounge-room,
     yet the glass is in the sink
The next time that I want it:
     Strange and yet it's true,
I know I don't return it -
     A miracle for you!

So I don't know why Mum stresses
     when things are not quite right,
Everything will be okay -
     there is no need to fight.
But it's only when my Mum is home
     that miracles occur,
Perhaps it's not the house......
     Maybe it has to do with her.

Janine, Eulo, April 26, 2001