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Heart-Break Corner
by Janine

There was rain in Augathella,
They had an inch or two;
And out near Thargomindah,
The ground was soaked right through.

Yet here in Heart-Break Corner
Where the Paroo River's dry,
The Eulo folk saw heavy cloud
Spit once, then pass them by.

It poured out West at Jackson,
And North in Charleville,
The Bollon folk were laughing
As their dams began to fill.

And here in Heart-Break Corner
Eulo waited for the rain,
The clouds built up and threatened,
And then passed us by again.

This is the 'Lucky Country',
Is it good or bad luck, though?
For without the rainfall needed
Nothing wants to grow.

So here in Heart-Break Corner,
The only wet things are the tears,
And the Eulo folk all grumble,
Curse their luck, but stay for years.

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