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by Janine


Turn right once you're through Eulo,
Turn right at Carpet Springs -
The signs will lead to Yowah
For the Winter gatherings.

When Summer days are cooling
And heat-waves settle down,
Tourists start a moving
And heading out of town.

Some choose to travel Westward,
And they hear the Opal call:
A voice that's all tormenting -
"Come and find us all"

"Come and dig and scavenge!
Come and have a try!
Come and take a look around!
Come on! Don't be shy!"

Come and meet the miners -
A pretty decent squad;
Some will stop and have a chat,
A few are really odd.

No, the crazy, wild-eyed coots
Do not shoot you any more,
Instead they set you digging
And invite you to explore.

When it's time to head back home,
Time to hit the track,
You know the place has "got you"
And you know that you'll be back.

July 1999

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